Whisky n Biscuit

Maybe I should get a puppy , a cute little one… Medium sized cute ones , maybe a Labrador  or a Dalmatian or a Jack Russel .. you know some sturdy pup who would take me in basically …

I’ll have two pups : whisky and biscuit .

And i’ll love them to bits … We would sleep , watch movies, have picnics …. …. ….




Sometimes its necessary to show people what kind of shit hole they belong to. Especially when then are from within the family. Having an apparatus hanging down from the apex of your legs does not qualify you as a man.

I am so  fed up of all these useless pieces claiming to be men . I think the real men are highly endangered, haven’t met one in such a long tenure on Earth.

I am totally mad as i can’t shred him to pieces. My mom has taken up the case and i hope he enjoys his tenure working with us. I plan to make his life as miserable as possible.


I have finally come to a conclusion to limit my Facebook / LinkedIn stints and just have a place to scribble things down without the various masks I wear .

Things aint going well at home either. Just recognized my sister to be an epileptic, she had her first visit from this un-invited guest and she has been totally unhinged. We all have just been electrocuted with this knowledge. She just walked out from her 5 yr old marriage and its never been easy. She keeps smiling and dismissing things, but I am aware of the typhoon she is trying so hard to hide. Its just the beginning and we can get her back with a few medication. But i’m more worried about the emotional part of her. Its not easy to end a marriage.

I think its high time I step-up and try getting things in order. Starting with taking up the responsibilities for my siblings .

Its illegal to kill people, or-else i would have got ridden of a few useless humans from Earth . Alas ! my parents brought me up as a law abiding citizen.

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