my job vs your job

Today, I had attended an interview after a very long time. The interview was cute. I aced it. Got the job and came home. I’ve never been this confident in an interview and it was quiet a good feeling . But since I left the office, my mind has gone nuts …

Finally, tried a good/bad for the current and new job. It took me that much time to realise, I can’t just give up my baby to a daycare. I can’t sit in the sidelines and cheer.. I got to be holding hands with my baby and seeing everything as it occurs. I have to be with my baby 24×7 . no matter how much i complain about more stress / workload / insane timings. I love my baby.

So, thank you new job. I guess your job was just to give me a slap and a closure. And its done well..

Baby, I’m back. Lets rock n roll ..



I miss “A” very much…. no matter how much i try i keep chanting his name as if its my life force…

And somewhere at the other corner of Earth he must be contented with his family

I wish him all the good things the world can offer … what do i wish for ?

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