Hugs !

I was listening to the movie “Love Breakups Zindagi” (yes ! i have a weird habit of listening to movies when i work ) so there came a scene where Ritesh hugs Umang Jain and then i started thinking about hugs

In my family, we all don’t hug each other much . Things have changed since my nephew came along … now we all indulge in hugging him whenever we see him. Random hugs and kisses always . Sometimes we group tackle my mom . And she hates hugs and kisses … we end up with licking too .. lovely memories

But on a one to one level, I’m stuck. I don’t know how to hug.

So I’m basically in YouTube figuring out how to hug, what to do with my arms and whats a safe hug and the unsafe one. The last thing I need is someone telling me that your hug felt like you wanted something more.

I’ve got a compliment once from my juniors. Well something went wrong during intermedicos and these two bunnies just ran up-to me , hugged me and started crying. The awkward me didn’t know what to do, but by the time their friends claimed them they were less hysterical. The next day both of them bounce into my room claiming that I have nice shoulders and i give awesome warm hugs … i still haven’t made heads or tails of this comment. And i wish i had made a mental note on how i hugged them rather than going hyper because that my folks was the first hug i received.


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