I have finally come to a conclusion to limit my Facebook / LinkedIn stints and just have a place to scribble things down without the various masks I wear .

Things aint going well at home either. Just recognized my sister to be an epileptic, she had her first visit from this un-invited guest and she has been totally unhinged. We all have just been electrocuted with this knowledge. She just walked out from her 5 yr old marriage and its never been easy. She keeps smiling and dismissing things, but I am aware of the typhoon she is trying so hard to hide. Its just the beginning and we can get her back with a few medication. But i’m more worried about the emotional part of her. Its not easy to end a marriage.

I think its high time I step-up and try getting things in order. Starting with taking up the responsibilities for my siblings .

Its illegal to kill people, or-else i would have got ridden of a few useless humans from Earth . Alas ! my parents brought me up as a law abiding citizen.


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