Date 001

Spending 6hrs talking utter nonsense and enjoying the same is novelty .

Then a movie (Avengers) and we part our ways

That guy is like yum .. but I don’t want to destroy a good friend for anything intimate.


Tired . Sad . Feeling useless.

This is my weightloss journey

Got hit by a drunk idiot

So for the past 24 hrs I’ve literally mourned the death of my sister’s car , made peace with knowing that my car’s future is on a stand still and have been thanking God for keeping my family safe .

We heard a sound like car crash from movies around 12.58am and we ran like crazy to the gate as it was time for our dad to get back home .

The first thought was “is it a white car ? Where is the white car?” …. soon we were glad dad didn’t reach home as expected . But the horror increased on seeing our parked cars do a 90° change in position from where it was parked .

Nevertheless to say it’s been a tiring day . But thankful for God’s mercy. I am sure God was with us yesterday .

Money can be made , but an ICU trip wud have destroyed us … thank God you cut off ICU trip . Thank you for staying and keeping us all out of harms way.

I am tired these days … I have come to a stage where I just want to crawl into a bed and never wake up…

Seems adult life isn’t as exciting as I thought it wud be

Sick again

Well turns out my body hates me for the abusive I put it through . Fell sick yesterday. Back to work today evening . but I guess I need to think more about myself now.

Finding my sunshine – 001

The maid left today

Just got back from the airport and I am literally done with the driving. I have a very bad backache, leg ache and all the other ache, whatever you can find in the dictionary. It seems that my body is done with all kind of nonsense I’ve been doing to it.

Tomorrow onwards, I am supposed to take over the kitchen duties and my sisters should be helping with the other household chores. I have no idea how long I will be able to hold on. There is a lot of things at work and on top of it, the house work. I have no idea how I am going to juggle it, but women are known to be beautiful at juggling multiple stuff, so I am just gonna take a Leap of Faith let’s see where that leads to …

After all it’s a job as kids to make sure that our parents can get as much as rest and good steaming home cooked food …

Good night

Sleep well

24hr fast

Today i did an unintentional 24hr fast . My first fast . Totally overwhelmed .

Tired of the way things are going . I want to give up . I hate to be the torch bearer , i hate to burn myself .

Can’t say ~ Won’t say

Can’t say ~ Won’t say ~ will lie if forced to respond ~ not in a healthy zone ~

Diet : haven’t been 100% in that front, passive keto . Weight at a stand still
Gearing up for the next session.

My periods wanted some extra attention. Things I didn’t know, any change in diet plans and when it actually works will make your life miserable with lots of periods . Had my longest sickest period …  14 days out of 30 days , i was hosting the “guest”.

Taking in supplements and Vit C tab’s . Feeling ok – ok ….. I so want to run away … away away to the never-never land

Personal life : total mess .. infected by the marriage bug . Going nuts, feels like squashing up those – “curious and helpful family members” …. keechad scene full on .. I hate this feeling .

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